Why Children Should Study Aikido!

AikiKids provides a non-violent alternative in the martial arts.

Aikido is a modern martial art specialising in neutralising attacks without having to damage an opponent.

Our AikiKids classes teach discipline, respect and personal development; the great gifts that come from the martial arts.

We do not teach martial skills that damage children’s growing bodies or program a violent response to conflict.

AikiKids learn that being strong is not the same as being a bully.

There is no competition in Aikido.

If there is an opponent, it is ourselves. We believe this to be true Budo (way of the warrior).

Build Confidence

Aikido is an especially effective self-defence choice for children as its techniques do not rely on being stronger than an opponent.

The AikiKids syllabus teaches how to effectively neutralise strikes, escape grabs and holds, however, as their bodies are still developing, we do not teach children Aikido techniques that involve joint locking.

Personal Development

AikiKids helps children to develop on several levels; the physical activities develop coordination, balance, flexibility and general muscle tone as well as awareness of their surroundings.

Interacting with others in the Dojo teaches humility, self-respect, and respect for others.

Periods of sitting quietly and still, teach self-discipline in learning to self-regulate between activity and stillness.

It Feels Good to Practice Aikido

Kids have tons of energy and a natural desire to express it. To accommodate this energy, our kids’ classes are a combination of fun and physical activity, interspersed with periods of calm and focus. Our kids come off the mats feeling relaxed and having had a great time.

We encourage our students to practice Aikido to feel good, increase their confidence; strengthen themselves physically and mentally; and to constantly challenge themselves.

Please feel welcome to come and try Aikido with us!

Contact our Head Instructor:

Peter Noble - 0434 44 88 92